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karishma kapoor dowry, mental harassment case sanjay kapoor

karishma kapoor Dowry, Mental Harassment Case Sanjay Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor is form Kapoor family and a Bollywood celebrity. She is the elder sister of Kareena Kapoor and daughter of Randhir Kapoor and Rabita Kapoor. Parents of Karishma Kapoor have two daughters Kareena and Karishma. Karishma was a successful beauty of Bollywood until she got married to a businessman Sanjay Kapoor. Even after her marriage she worked in several films.

karishma kapoor dowry, mental harassment case sanjay kapoor

One of the Bollywood queens Karishma Kapoor got married with a businessman Sanjay Kapoor in 2003. She was surrounded in some controversies for last 2-3 years that she and her husband are experiencing bad relation and are about to separate soon. And after being in controversies the couple broke out and controversies became misery when media took the case as hot news.

Firstly, the case was filed with mutual consent and both were agreed to separate but soon after the court had rejected the case because of mutual consent Karishma withdraw her consent and accuse Sanjay and his family that they had assaulted her and harass her mentally. She proposed argue that Sanjay was failed to meet certain financial commitments made by him in consent terms.

On the other hand, Sanjay made strong allegations on Karishma that she is neither proved a good wife, mother nor a good daughter in law. He said that Karishma married him with is wealth and she always asking for money. Sanjay claimed that Karishma always demands money from and sometimes uses children for this purpose and denied of his ailing father approaches to her.

The lawyer of Karishma requested and sought time to respond on all this and to reply all this on next hearing on 3rd march. Karishma denied accuses of her husband saying that these are the baseless allegations and she also oppose the request of her husband about the custody of children. The argument about custody will also be heard on the same day in next hearing.

Sanjay also has requested that the case must be transferred to Delhi because he has a threat of life by underworld don Ravi Pujari.

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